Working in the Shipyards

Hellenic Shipyards S.A., located in Skaramagas near Athens, is the largest shipyard in Greece and one of the largest in the area of Mediterranean Sea. What stroke me the most when i started walking around the shipyards was how huge the ships are (we usually see them  in the water and we only see the upper part..) and how small people looked like compared to them.

Also the workers despite doing one of the most difficult jobs were very polite ,happy smiling  and eager to pose for  my camera.

This project was conceptualized in 2004 in order to redecorate the central administration building using photographs of the shipyard and the employees in their real working environment.

Hellenic Shipyards is now part of Prinivest Shipbuilding, affiliated company of Abu Dhabi Mar, and has moved into the construction of advanced conventional submarines.