Olympic Air / Menus & Uniforms

This three part project was created in order to showcase the new face of Olympic Air; by introducing the new element of hats to the crew’s uniforms, by highlighting an inspired new Greek menu and by emphasizing on the new state-of-the-art Bombardier aircrafts.
In 2012 Olympic Air presented their renewed crew uniforms designed by Celia Kritharioti. The existing uniforms were introduced at the official opening ceremony of Olympic Air in 2009 ,were redesigned and embellished with the addition of hats.
After the acquisition of Olympic Air by MIG in 2009, the company invested largely in Bombardier aircrafts as a part of the Olympic fleet replacement program. The next-generation Bombardier aircrafts rendered Olympic Air’s fleet one the most modern in Europe, consisting of 14 aircrafts, 10 of which are Bombardier Q400 with a capacity of 78 seats and 4 Bombardier Dash-100 with a capacity of 37 seats.





In addition to the new uniforms, Olympic Air introduced a vibrant new menu for its Business Class passengers, created by the Executive Chef of Olympic Catering and President of the Greek Chef’s Club Mr. Miltos Karoubas. The new menu was based on Greek cuisine and focused on the use of quality ingredients and local Greek products.





A selection of those photographs was published -among others- in the Olympic Air magazine “On Air” which is available to all passengers on board.

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